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If you are selected to join Europod, your podcast will be supported by a network that’s helped their podcasts win numerous awards in several European countries and has the unique capability of producing and promoting podcasts in 8 different languages.

A team of professionals, including professional sound engineers, editorial specialists, and audience development specialists from all over Europe and America, will use their skills to work for your podcast. You will benefit from expert advice on things like how to best record your podcast (remotely or in our studio), how to strengthen your script or interview skills, and how to make your post production more efficient. You’ll have access to audience development guidance such as what awards to apply for and what festivals to attend in your country. Many resources will be available to you to increase the quality of your podcast and to extend its reach.

You will be part of a network which means you’ll be directly connected to other podcasts with whom you can swap hosts, schedule podcast cross promotion, and form other collaborations. What’s unique about Europod is your fellow podcasters will be from several different places around Europe, increasing the scope of reach for your podcast. You may also have the opportunity to translate your podcast and promote it in another European country.

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Each podcast submission will be examined and you should be notified within four weeks of your submission. Incomplete applications or those not aligned with Europod will not be accepted.
At this time, we are only accepting existing podcasts.

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