Environmental, societal and governance criteria: hit or miss?

Sustainable investing is gaining in popularity as socially conscious clients consider environmental, societal and governance (ESG) criteria when deciding on potential investment. As a result, the financial world is offering more ESG compatible products on the market.

While well intentioned, the ability and capacity of ESG criteria in corporate disclosure to achieve climate and social goals is questionable. Bruegel Director Guntram Wolff hosts a debate between Tariq Fancy, the BlackRock executive turned ESG whistleblower, and Non-resident fellow Rebecca Christie, on whether sustainable investing will make the world a better place, and how it differs between North America and Europe.

For more Bruegel research on sustainable finance, visit: www.bruegel.org/tag/sustainable-finance.

For Tariq Fancy’s essay, The Secret Diary of a ‘Sustainable Investor’, visit: medium.com/@sosofancy/the-secr…part-1-70b6987fa139



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