Episode 2 (Part 1): Presence and representation – in the park

In the second episode of the European Pavilion Podcast we ask ourselves: in the light of a post-national and inclusive Europe, how should we address issues of representation? Together with our guests, activists and organizers Zamzam Ibrahim and Jóci Marton, as well as philosopher and novelist Tristan Garcia, we propose to open up the notion of representation and how it resonates politically, aesthetically but also intimately.

In this first part, we discuss the relation and tension between being present and being represented.


  • Tristan Garcia is a French philosopher and novelist, widely published in prose and non-fiction. In December 2020, his book ‘We Ourselves: The Politics of Us’ was published by the Edinburgh University Press.
  • Zamzam Ibrahim is a climate activist and organizer. She is the president and a founding trustee of Students Organising for Sustainability. She was nominated for the Young European of the Year 2020 award.
  • Jóci Marton is a Roma LGBTQI+ activist from Hungary. His work mainly focuses on intersectionality and identity politics. In 2019, he organized «Owning the Game», a photo exhibition developed with the Roma LGBTQ+ community.



European Pavilion Podcast

This podcast series is produced as part of The European Pavilion: an initiative launched by the European Cultural Foundation in 2020 in order to encourage imaginaries beyond the national, and address the way people, institutions, and media feel about Europe. With the series, we wish to open up urgent questions that hover in any conversation about the future of Europe. The common thread running through all the conversations is the notion of a European culture of solidarity that addresses some core questions: What initiatives and imaginaries can help overcome the economic and social fractures looming on the horizon? How to move from constructed and exclusive national identities to a model that proudly builds upon the richness of the regional and its cosmopolitan ethos? How to bring upon new models of being together and building an inclusive and sustainable future? This podcast is a member of the EuroPod network. Credits: Conceived by Lore Gablier in collaboration with Alejandro Ramirez Sound design: Alejandro Ramirez Original music: Gagi Petrovic