Episode 4: Building Europe – in the world of infrastructure

Addressing the issue of Europe’s image is not only about what is visible, but also about what escapes our gaze: the ideologies that underpin the European project; the fears, dreams and hopes that shape it; and the infrastructures that support our daily lives and which, paradoxically, often go unnoticed.

In this new episode of the European Pavilion Podcast, we discuss the elusive images of Europe and how they might challenge us to imagine our common future. And we ask ourselves: How do we understand the relationship between building a sense of belonging and building an image?


  • Rodrigo Bueno Lacy is a researcher in political geography at the Centre for Border Research, Radboud University Nijmegen. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the imagined location of the borders of the European Union.
  • Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping are an artist collaboration working with photography, documentary film, installation, interactive documentary and research in order to produce multifaceted projects that are intended to reflect the complexities of today’s world. Since 2012 they have been working on projects relating to Climate Change and the Anthropocene.
  • Eglė Rindzevičiūtė is an associate Professor of Criminology & Sociology at the Kingston University in London. She is currently working on two monographs, titled 'The Politics and Epistemology of Prediction' and 'Beyond Containment: The Making of Nuclear Cultural Heritage'.
  • Benedikt Stoll is a trained architect, urban designer, and a co-founder and partner of the artists collective Guerilla Architects. He teaches urban design at the Leibniz University of Hannover. He hast been interested in the building of a new narrative for Europe since 2015 when he finished his architectural diploma project called {THE EUROPEAN DREAM}.



European Pavilion Podcast

This podcast series is produced as part of The European Pavilion: an initiative launched by the European Cultural Foundation in 2020 in order to encourage imaginaries beyond the national, and address the way people, institutions, and media feel about Europe. With the series, we wish to open up urgent questions that hover in any conversation about the future of Europe. The common thread running through all the conversations is the notion of a European culture of solidarity that addresses some core questions: What initiatives and imaginaries can help overcome the economic and social fractures looming on the horizon? How to move from constructed and exclusive national identities to a model that proudly builds upon the richness of the regional and its cosmopolitan ethos? How to bring upon new models of being together and building an inclusive and sustainable future? This podcast is a member of the EuroPod network. Credits: Conceived by Lore Gablier in collaboration with Alejandro Ramirez Sound design: Alejandro Ramirez Original music: Gagi Petrovic