Episode 5: From coal and steel to a just transition

To mark the occasion of Europe Day 2021, the European Pavilion Podcast is broadcasting its final episode. Celebrated on 9 May, Europe Day marks the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which proposed that a common trade in coal and steel would ensure lasting peace and unity in Europe. Today's challenges show us that this ideal from 71 years ago no longer endures.

For this concluding episode, we invite three guests from three generations of Europeans to look back at the European project and look ahead to the future. What could be, in the years and decades to come, the cement that holds us together? The emotional and material bond – or ‘cementiment’ – that would weave a sense of Europeanness?


  • Silvia Bencivelli is an Italian science writer, radio and TV host. She works for the national Italian broadcaster Radio3 Rai and Rai Scuola. She writes for newspapers and magazines and teaches science journalism and communications at La Sapienza – Università di Roma. Her last book is Sospettosi (Einaudi, 2019).
  • Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev is an Italian-American writer, art historian and exhibition maker, she is currently the Director of Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea and Fondazione Francesco Federico Cerruti in Turin. She was Artistic Director of dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012.
  • Tobias Holle has been an activist with Fridays for Future Germany since 2019. As part of the climate movement, heis involved with European campaigns, advocates for climate issues and is part of the German press speaker team. He is currently studying environmental engineering.



European Pavilion Podcast

This podcast series is produced as part of The European Pavilion: an initiative launched by the European Cultural Foundation in 2020 in order to encourage imaginaries beyond the national, and address the way people, institutions, and media feel about Europe. With the series, we wish to open up urgent questions that hover in any conversation about the future of Europe. The common thread running through all the conversations is the notion of a European culture of solidarity that addresses some core questions: What initiatives and imaginaries can help overcome the economic and social fractures looming on the horizon? How to move from constructed and exclusive national identities to a model that proudly builds upon the richness of the regional and its cosmopolitan ethos? How to bring upon new models of being together and building an inclusive and sustainable future? This podcast is a member of the EuroPod network. Credits: Conceived by Lore Gablier in collaboration with Alejandro Ramirez Sound design: Alejandro Ramirez Original music: Gagi Petrovic