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El Mundo

Spanish Newspaper

El Mundo describes Europod as the platfom that aims at aggregating the best podcast from all European countries. The article highlights the multi cultural team that works on getting the most qualitiative audio contents to put them at the disposal of its audience for free.

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French cultural magazine

Elise Raque praises the "skillful" narrative arc of the series "My Question to Angela Merkel",
while also praising its "intelligent narration". "A complete and educational documentary", she
concludes, inviting her readers to discover the other EuroPod series.

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Toute l’Europe

European information website

In this interview, Antoine Lheureux, producer of the series “My question to Angela Merkel”
and founder of EuroPod explains the meaning of the Merkel series, the "cover series" of the
new EuroPod platform. Its ambition? "To create common debate content for Europeans in
order to contribute to the emergence of a European public sphere".

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Cantabria directa

Online news magazine of Santander and its province.

In this interview, Alfonso Moreno Pombo, the Spanish editor of the Merkel series, explains
the nature of the series “My Question to Angela Merkel”, including why it has been produced
in 4 languages.

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Italian independent online journal of investigative journalism, in-depth analysis and commentary.

In this interview, Antoine Lheureux, producer of the series “My Question to Angela Merkel”,
believes that Angela Merkel is "the most important European personality of the 21st century"
and hopes that the series will contribute to the debate about her legacy.

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