Europod is a network of podcasts from all around Europe encouraging dialogue between the continent’s diverse communities.

Europod is working to return information dissemination power to journalists and producers of quality information.

For many years, big tech companies like social media platforms have had too high of an influence on the European public sphere and the democratic debate.

We are fighting to give voices back to individuals who don’t pursue an agenda, people who have authority to share their knowledge, and those who are passionate about spreading their message.

Using podcasts as a trusted source of information allows us to take the necessary time to discuss important issues and encourage discussion. This is the mark Europod wants to leave on this world.

Founder of Europod, Antoine Lheureux, recognized this problem that information dissemination across the internet is heavily controlled by big tech companies. With his knowledge of writing a master’s thesis at the College of Europe, his experience as a former journalist and as a founder of a podcast services company, Antoine realized he could create part of the solution.

Before deciding what the resolution would be, Antoine knew he first had to assess the situation. Antoine documented this process in his manifesto, an answer to the question he raised in his master’s thesis. The outcome of his research made it clear what was needed: a podcast network for information of quality. Informative, dependable content through independent digital ecosystems across the internet is needed. To read the full manifesto, sign up below.

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Mentions of Europod in top publications
Spanish Newspaper

El Mundo

El Mundo describes Europod as the platfom that aims at aggregating the best podcast from all European countries. The article highlights the multi cultural team that works on getting the most qualitiative audio contents to put them at the disposal of its audience for free.

French cultural magazine


Elise Raque praises the “skillful” narrative arc of the series “My Question to Angela Merkel”, while also praising its “intelligent narration”. “A complete and educational documentary”, she concludes, inviting her readers to discover the other EuroPod series.

European information website

Toute l’Europe

In this interview, Antoine Lheureux, producer of the series “My question to Angela Merkel” and founder of EuroPod explains the meaning of the Merkel series, the “cover series” of the new EuroPod platform. Its ambition? “To create common debate content for Europeans in order to contribute to the emergence of a European public sphere”.

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