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We are the vibrant network of independent and socially engaged media, uniting European Millennials and Gen-Z. As an innovative European project, we resonate with the pulse of the times, creating content that addresses the real needs of our diverse European audience. Our mission is clear: to foster international cooperation and provide solutions to the pressing challenges of our continent, because at Sphera, we don't shy away from shaping the future – we actively build it.
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Stars4Media is an innovation exchange programme aiming at facilitating cooperation between media professionals, to accelerate media innovation and cross-border cooperation. Media professionals, media organisations and tech companies from EU countries have the chance to cooperate around bottom-up Initiatives to test ideas and technologies, develop new business models and produce journalistic content.
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WePod is an innovative multi-partner, cross-border project to support the growth and sustainability of the European podcasting ecosystem. Developed in response to the changing European news media sector, WePod will create a collaborative framework for the production, distribution, promotion, and monetization of journalistic podcasts.
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Marta Villarte Ros
Sarah Tekath
Matteo Castellucci
Sonja Agata Biscan
Alessandro Cascianelli
Dávid Tvrdoň
Hildegard Leloué
Andrew Connelly
Maria Colonna
Pablo Jiménez Arandia
April Clare Welsh
Jenny Tsiropoulou
Anna R.
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