6 October 2021

Ep. 5 – Lisbon Treaty, Angie’s Treaty? —My question to Angela Merkel

Emilia already told us all about Merkel’s youth and the beginning of her political career, including her years as Minister and leader of the opposition. Now, it is time to learn about her debut as Chancellor, which made her predecessor Schröder lose its temper on national TV. But we will also discover how she responded to the failure of the European constitution treaty, how she managed to establish a working relationship with Sarkozy, and to close the deal on the Lisbon Treaty.

The guests featured in this episode are:
Michèle Alliot Marie, former Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice, and Minister of International affairs of France.
Florence Autret, journalist and author of “Angela Merkel. Une Allemande (presque) comme les autres”.
Judy Dempsey, journalist and senior fellow at Carnegie Europe.
Joyce Mushaben, political scientist, former Professor at Georgetown University, and author of “Becoming Madam Chancellor: Angela Merkel and the Berlin Republic”.

Author: Europod

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