Freedom in Hungary

Freedom in Hungary is a narrative interview podcast series co-produced by Bulle Media (Brussels) and Betone Studio (Budapest). The podcast series deals with the value of freedom as seen by 6 different persons from Hungary. From a Holocaust survivor to a teacher, from an entrepreneur to a student activist, from a AI expert to a professor: what does freedom mean to people in Hungary? How did the value of freedom shape their lives? And, most importantly, what role does freedom play in today's society?Freedom in Hungary is a podcast series part of the Europod network and was produced in the context of the Sphera Network. Freedom in Hungary is also available in Hungarian language under "Éljen a magyar szabadság".
19 June 2023
28 min

Ep. 6 — Living freely one’s own sexual orientation in Hungary, today and in the past. With Maria Kristofy (LGBT activist and member of Labrisz)— Freedom in Hungary

In this sixth and last episode of the first season of Freedom in Hungary, we talk to Maria Kristofy, member of Labrisz Lesbian Association and lecturer of the...

19 June 2023
25 min

Ep. 5 — About artificial intelligence and freedom. With György Tilesch — Freedom in Hungary

In this episode, we talk to György Tilesch, president of PHI Institute, AI expert and lawyer by the University of Pécs. He touches base on how...

10 January 2023
30 min

Ep. 4 — Can freedom of the individual and the Catholic Church coexist? With Csaba Török (priest and theologian) — Freedom in Hungary

In this podcast, we talk to Csaba Török, who is a Hungarian Catholic priest, a senior parish priest of the Esztèrgom Cathedral, a theologian and a...

10 January 2023
33 min

Ep. 1 — Can you be free in the direst of situations? With Éva Fahidi, Holocaust survivor — Freedom in Hungary

Éva Fahidi is 97 years old. And she is a Holocaust survivor. Éva has lived most of her life in Hungary, under regimes that infringed on...

17 November 2022
22 min

Ep. 3 —  Freeing a generation and Hungary from apathy. With Lili Mihalics (Students for Teachers) — Freedom in Hungary

What do today's younger generations living in Hungary think about freedom? How much do they value it, how much are they willing to do for it, and...

3 November 2022
29 min

Ep. 2 —  What does it take to defend educational freedom? With László Miklósi, Association of History Teachers — Freedom in Hungary

The level of freedom of a society can be measured quite solidly by the attitude of institutions towards education. And, more specifically, towards the teaching of history. “History...

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