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Welcome to Europe Day by Day, a 5-minute podcast series that takes you through the daily trends and events shaping Europe's politics, society and culture at 6 PM. A series hosted by Emma Belmonte. This series is produced by Europod in coproduction with Sphera Network, the network for humane and socially engaged European Journalism.

Europe Day by Day dives into the trends and events of Europe's politics, societies and culture, in just 5 minutes. Join the ride by subscribing to...

20 June 2024
1 min

Episode 7 : How did we come to the point of Hezbollah threatening Cyprus

As Europe confronts war in Ukraine, its Mediterranean border is looking increasingly fragile as Lebanese militant group Hezbollah threatens Cyprus over its role in the wider...

19 June 2024
5 min

Episode 6 :What the heck is wrong with Helsinki’s municipal housing?

In Finland, a shocking number of municipal housing units are vacant — some for over a year. All the while, approximately 10’ooo applicants wait to hear...

18 June 2024

Episode 5 : Number of reported anti-Roma incidents in Germany doubled over a year

A new report released by the the German Reporting and Information Centre on Anti-Roma sentiment, or MIA, shows that discrimination against Roma people is on the...

17 June 2024
5 min

Episode 4 : Why Ireland’s President Higgins is calling for citizens to protect libraries

Over the past year, Irish libraries have been faced with far-right protests at their doorsteps. One of the reasons they are being targeted is for holding...

14 June 2024
5 min

Episode 3: From the 2006 World Cup to Euro 2024: How Germany (and Europe) have changed

The 2006 World Cup in Germany is fondly remembered as the “Sommermärchen,” or summer fairy-tale: marked by a growing economy in a peaceful continent, with Angela...

13 June 2024
5 min

Episode 2 : Why the Klimaseniorinnen case matters for the whole of Europe

The Klimaseniorinnen, a climate activism movement made up of women over the age of 65, took Switzerland to court over the government’s violation of the right...

12 June 2024
5 min

Episode 1 : Report casts shadow over recent Hungarian local elections

While 27 countries across the continent were voting in the European elections, 9 of them were also voting in local elections. Today, we’re taking a look...

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