#108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

Thirty-eight places worse than in 2021 and last in the ranking of EU countries, press freedom in Greece is undoubtedly in free fall. According to the annual report of Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF), in a total of 180 countries, the country referred to internationally as the matrix of democracy has plummeted in just one year from 70th to 108th place in 2022. In the following six episodes, Greek journalists Konstantinos Poulis and Jenny Tsiropoulou will take us inside newsrooms to see the working conditions in the media, investigate the unsolved murder of a journalist at the door of his house, talk to journalists-victims of SLAPPS and journalists-victims of phone tapping, and they will talk to us about a completely opaque process of public funding to find out what the 108th place means in practice and to ask who benefits from journalism that is feared and silenced. We would like you to know that the present government has systematically failed to respond to requests from journalists from unfriendly media. In such cases, we report on it in our editorials.#108 is a co-production between the Greek independent media The Press Project and the podcast production agency Bulle Media. The podcast series is part of the Europod podcast network and was produced under the Sphera project.The original language of this podcast is Greek. There is also available an English version. The producer of 108 is Antoine Lheureux. Executive producers are Konstantinos Poulis and Alexander Damiano Ricci.Scriptwriting is by Jenny Tsiropoulou. Interviews by Jenny Tsiropoulou and Konstantinos Poulis.Editorial work by María Dios and Alexander Damiano Ricci.Sound design by Thomas Kusberg. Editing and mixing by Thomas Kusberg and Jeremy Bocquet.
15 February 2023
33 min

Ep. 6 — SLAPPed: journalists against strategic lawsuits — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

Very recently, Greece learned the meaning of the term SLAPP, short for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. It was not because Greeks read it in a...

15 February 2023
32 min

Ep. 5 — Follow the money: The Petsas’ List — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

In the context of COVID-19 and its very special circumstances, the Greek government decided to give a huge amount of money, around 20 million euros, to...

15 February 2023
33 min

Ep. 4 — Inside the newsroom: stories of self-censorship — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

News manipulation and censorship have been done in many indirect ways, mainly economically. But sometimes, it is crude and overt in Greece: journalists cannot publish what...

15 February 2023
30 min

Ep. 3 — Behind the death of a journalist: the Karaiwaz case — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

Of all the things that prevent a journalist from doing his job, there is only one invincible obstacle. Murder. In Greece, a journalist who covered crime...

15 February 2023
29 min

Ep. 2 — Spying on journalists: Greece’s phone hacking scandal — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

Greece is back on the front page of the international media after a significant phone-tapping scandal. The wiretaps were carried out against the journalist investigating financial...

14 February 2023
30 min

Ep. 1 — What #108 is all about — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

From 2022, Greece ranks the worst of all EU countries in the RSF ranking for press freedom. Why has it fallen from 70th to 108th out...

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