AI and You

AI and You  is a 10-episode podcast series answering the burning questions revolving around the present and future impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. This Europod series is available in 6 languages and broadcast by 3 European media partners.
21 May 2024

Episode 4 : Can you learn with AI?

How AI can impact education? In some places like China, Artificial Intelligence already plays a role in teaching, grading and planning lessons for students. However, while...

14 May 2024

Episode 3 : Will AI replace your job?

With the development in technology and implementation of Artificial Intelligence all over different sectors, some of us are left with the fear that our jobs will...

7 May 2024

Episode 2 : My AI friend?

The technologies and algorithms developed through artificial intelligence are already being used in various ways in our digital social interactions (dating apps, fall detection apps, AI...

30 April 2024

Episode 1 : Evolution of AI

It was in the 1950s, that the term “Artificial Intelligence” was first coined at a research conference, and ever since then, till today, humans have been...

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