The Water Series

The Water Series is a podcast on various dimensions of water. Although it deeply considers issues of water scarcity, it goes beyond that, addressing more innovative perspectives, e.g. water as a human right, water as a weapon of war, water as a resource, etc. Additionally, the series seeks to explore existing and future solutions to the present water-related challenges. The Water Series is co-hosted by human rights lawyers Sonja Agata Bišćan and Zeyneb Kasmi and features expert interviews.
22 December 2021
16 min

Ep. 6 – Water & Space – The Water Series

What happens if we run out of clean drinking water on Earth? Could we go to outer space to find some? Is there even water in...

21 December 2021
25 min

Ep. 5 – Water & Migration – The Water Series

When countries face existential threats or are economically less developed, their capacity for adapting to the increasing intensity of water-related events is generally low. Declining livelihood...

8 December 2021
20 min

Ep. 4 – Water, War and Peace – The Water Series

Water is unevenly distributed around the world. Large portions of the world receive very little water from rainfall or rivers relative to their population. Over time,...

29 November 2021
21 min

Ep. 3 – Water as a Human Right – The Water Series

Is there a human right to water? Water was first regulated in the Ancient Babylon 3700 years ago. Nonetheless, water as a human right appears to...

5 November 2021
18 min

Ep. 2 – Water as a Resource – The Water Series

It is not uncommon to hear that someone is a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but hearing that Leonardo DiCaprio is someone else's fan - now, that...

19 October 2021
16 min

Ep. 1 – Day Zero – The Water Series

Water. You turn on the tap and there it is. But what if it runs out? In this episode of the Water Series, we’ll learn about...

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