Dream destination Santorini is now a victim of its own success. Hypertourismos is a podcast that hands the mic to the locals, exploring how over-tourism on the island is threatening its sustainability. How is the triangle “planet, profit, people'' affected by the sunset-loving crowds? A creation by Maëlle Julou, who takes a step back to rethink the way we travel.
24 January 2022
15 min

Ep. 1 – A dream destination was born – Hypertourismos

How did Santorini get here? How did this once small and quiet island become the host of millions of tourists every year?

Sharing their archives and...

31 January 2022
16 min

Ep. 2 – Santorini is a whore – Hypertourismos

“Everyone will get something from her, but no one will love her.” As tourist arrivals keep growing and attain dramatic numbers, the quality of life on...

7 February 2022
12 min

Ep. 3 – The art of killing what you love – Hypertourismos

What’s the actual impact of over-tourism on the environment of Santorini? 

In this episode, activists, politicians and locals sound the alarm on the disaster created with...

17 February 2022
16 min

Ep. 4 – Typical Greekness – Hypertourismos

What happened to authenticity? When people start comparing some areas of Santorini with Disneyland, it is not a good sign.

This episode is about the impact...

23 February 2022
16 min

Ep. 5 – Who even cares? – Hypertourismos

In this episode, we talk about responsibility. Who should act to save Santorini? What are politicians doing? Who even cares?

When activists are doing most of...

28 February 2022
19 min

Ep. 6 – Should we stop travelling? – Hypertourismos

After five episodes focusing on Santorini, I now take a step back and take a look at overtourism on a European scale.

Dr. Antonio Paolo Russo...

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