Disconnected in 2050

It’s 2050 and young Ezra is hyperconnected to Infinity, a metaverse that has transformed Brussels and facilitates most actions in everyone’s lives. Almost everyone. One day, Ezra discovers archives from the 2020s that put her on the trail of a retired journalist, a "disconnected." This starts Ezra’s journey to uncover the mysteries of an oppressive and corrupt system.Listen to Disconnected in 2050 and gather the evidence with Ezra as she begins to realize that her world may not be as pleasant as it seems. Learn what she plans to do about it.
2 December 2022
8 min

Ep. 10 –  “Grounded, here.” — Disconnected in 2050

Ezra is definitely taking the plunge. Grounded hacks Infinity. The resistance begins.

24 November 2022
10 min

Ep. 9 –  “My Name is Ezra” — Disconnected in 2050

Ezra doesn't find Cy but meets up with Adrien and a group of disconnected people in a hidden bar for what looks like the beginnings of...

17 November 2022
8 min

Ep. 8 –  “The first time” — Disconnected in 2050

Ezra, who is becoming less and less comfortable with her situation, leaves her house for the first time without her Infinity devices. She then goes in...

10 November 2022
7 min

Ep. 7 –  “Nothing was the same anymore” — Disconnected in 2050

Ezra tries going back to her normal life, but she can’t stop thinking about what she just learned. She knows too much and must hide her...

3 November 2022
8 min

Ep. 6 – “Stay safe Ezra” — Disconnected in 2050

Adrien's story changes Ezra's worldview. Ezra enters her very distinctive rabbit hole.

27 October 2022
11 min

Ep. 5 –  “Entering the new era: the era of Infinity.” — Disconnected in 2050

Ezra starts to see the thin web of lies that has been in front of her the whole time. As Adrien begins telling his story, everything...

20 October 2022
5 min

Ep. 4 –  “I believe this belongs to you” — Disconnected in 2050

Ezra takes a step forward into the unknown. She leaves her house for only the second time in months, determined to find out who Adrien is...

13 October 2022
8 min

Ep. 3 –  “We know we are being monitored and yet…” — Disconnected in 2050

Driving deeper into the rabbit hole, Ezra begins to understand who exactly is behind the mystery. While Ezra tries to find answers, she finds new information...

7 October 2022
6 min

Ep. 2 – “They seized everything and now they’re coming for us.” – Disconnected in 2050

Ezra gets her new Infinity glasses and Jyn is ready to guide her through life as usual, but Ezra can’t shake the feeling that something is...

6 October 2022
6 min

Ep. 1 – “That’s when I found it.” – Disconnected in 2050

Ezra’s day starts off normal in the dystopian future of 2050. As usual, her artificially intelligent virtual assistant named Jyn guides Ezra through another day connected...

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