Exploring Citizen Science

Exploring Citizen Science is a podcast that explores the world of Citizen Science, as a discipline and philosophy. Host and journalist Alexander Damiano Ricci travels across Europe and holds interviews with researchers and project managers who are part of the COESO research project. Alexander Damiano embarks on this journey driven by the feeling that, over the past few years, science and experts appear to have experienced a sort of backlash from society. In fact, the host believes that many citizens distrust experts and scientific knowledge out front. Yet, the discipline of Citizen Science says it aims at opening the doors of science to everyone. Within Citizen Science projects citizens can become knowledge producers themselves, just like researchers. So the question is: can Citizen Science help to (re)connect research and society?
13 July 2023
19 min

Ep. 9 — The show must go on — Exploring Citizen Science

In the last episode of this first season of Exploring Citizen Science, Alexander wraps up the content of the project. But more importantly, he tries to...

19 June 2023
31 min

Ep. 8 — On Planet European Commission — Exploring Citizen Science

In the previous episodes of Exploring Citizen Science, Alexander analysed what citizen science is from a theoretical stand-point. Also, he looked at projects on the ground....

19 June 2023
18 min

Ep. 7 — Too good to be VERA — Exploring Citizen Science

After having explored an array of citizen science projects in the field of humanities and social sciences, Alexander wonders what will stay after COESO. So he...

19 June 2023

Ep. 6 — Lunch boxes, videogames and more — Exploring Citizen Science

After the "Lisbon experience", Alexander goes on to talk to researchers and project managers of other pilot projects of COESO. The interviews he runs reveal the...

19 June 2023
26 min

Ep. 5 — In Lisbon – part 2: Citizen Science hands-on — Exploring Citizen Science

The first conversations collected by Alexander's colleagues on the overall logic of COESO's pilot 1 - "Mass tourism's impact on urban communities" - left him wondering...

19 June 2023
15 min

Ep. 4 — In Lisbon – part 1: Easier said than done — Exploring Citizen Science

After much conversations from remote, it's time to go on the ground and discover practices of citizen science. Alexander's colleagues, Jeremy Bocquet (creative director and sound...

19 June 2023
19 min

Ep. 3 — About pilots and blank stares — Exploring Citizen Science

After having better understood what citizen science is and why it matters in theory, Alexander continues his chat with people from COESO to understand how the...

10 January 2023
28 min

Ep. 2 — Entering the rabbit hole — Exploring Citizen Science

Puzzled by the relevance of citizen science, Alexander calls Alessia Smaniotto - research project manager of COESO. They talk about Alessia’s job and, more generally, about...

10 January 2023
13 min

Ep. 1 — The ivory tower — Exploring Citizen Science

Alexander introduces himself and explains why his name is on the podcast: he shares the widespread criticism of academia and scientists through the "ivory tower" metaphor,...

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