Ep. 4 – Angela Merkel, the Snow White Killer – My question to Angela Merkel

With Angela Merkel’s youth and the beginning of her political career already covered, Emilia will move on to tell us about Helmut Kohl opening many doors for Merkel both within the government and within the party. Then, after having delved into the so-called “CDU donations scandal”, Emilia will tell us how Merkel managed to save the whole party from sinking and how she showed no mercy to her political competitors. We’ll find out how she took a European stance for the first time before even becoming Chancellor and how she managed to influence the choice of the President of the European Commission who would succeed Romano Prodi without even being at the negotiating table.

The guests featured in this episode are:

Jacqueline Boseyn, journalist, speechwriter and author of “Angela Merkel. Eine Karriere”.

Michael Schindhelm, filmmaker, curator and former colleague of Angela Merkel at a laboratory in East Germany.

Florence Autret, journalist and author of “Angela Merkel. Une Allemande (presque) comme les autres”.

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