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Europe Talks Back shines a light on the lesser-known, but equally as influential events going on around Europe. Major news often goes unreported in mainstream media or key details are shadowed by the headlines. Europe Talks Back restores the balance in reporting, discussing what other news sources may have missed. Not only will host and journalist Alexander Damiano Ricci speak with expert guests each episode, he will also invite citizens of all European countries to join the podcast and share their thoughts on the important topics. A new Europe Talks Back conversation drops every Thursday.

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09 Dec 2022

Ep. 20 — How to Boycott the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Human Rights Day — Europe Talks Back

22 min
The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been making the headlines for weeks now. Just, not really or only for the rolling ball and iconic football stars on the pitch. From allegations of corruption...
02 Dec 2022

Ep. 19 — Post-Brexit UK: no country for Black Europeans?— Europe Talks Back

21 min
Brexit has made the headlines of the European and British press for years. However, today, the relationship between the UK and the EU is less of a central topic in public debates. Nevertheless, many European...
25 Nov 2022

Ep. 18 — Will the Women on Boards Directive finally break the glass ceiling?— Europe Talks Back

24 min
According to Eurostat, 229 million women live in the EU. That’s 4.6% more than men. However, fewer women make it to the top of society. When it comes to decision-making and board levels, women...
18 Nov 2022

Ep. 17 — Madrid rises up for public healthcare — Europe Talks Back

20 min
Spain is one of the healthiest countries in the European Union. It has the longest life expectancy, and its public healthcare service is worldwide recognised. However, the population of its capital region, Madrid, has been...
11 Nov 2022

Ep. 16 — What the death of Blessing Matthew tells us about the Franco-Italian border — Europe Talks Back

23 min
On May 9, 2018, as many European citizens were celebrating Europe Day, the dead body of a young black woman was found in the French river of Durance, not far away from the Franco Italian...
04 Nov 2022

Ep. 15 –  The fight against disinformation in Europe — Europe Talks Back

In October this year, the social media giant META, took down a Russian network of social media accounts spreading disinformation on the War on Ukraine. META says it is the largest network of its kind,...
28 Oct 2022

Ep. 14 –  News consumption on social media and distrust in institutions — Europe Talks Back

23 min
Eurofound, the EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies, released the results of an EU wide survey on the living conditions of European citizens during COVID19....
21 Oct 2022

Ep. 13 –  The fight for the access to safe abortions in Hungary — Europe Talks Back

24 min
Requesting an abortion in Europe is legal in most countries. Yet, even if ending a pregnancy is not banned, accessing this right is not always guaranteed.  While the pro-life narratives spread all over Europe, far-right governments tighten...
14 Oct 2022

Ep. 12 –  Bulgaria’s two year long political deadlock — Europe Talks Back

17 min
In the Summer of 2020, mass protests shook Bulgaria: citizens were calling for a stop to endless corruption. And a change in the political system. Since the protests of 2020, four Parliamentary elections have been...
07 Oct 2022

Ep. 11 – The Cost of Living Crisis in Ireland – Europe Talks Back

22 min
The War on Ukraine has provoked rising inflation across Europe. For many people, this implied: rising costs to heat homes, buy food, pay for services.   It’s what economists and journalists define “a Cost of living crisis”. These...

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About the show

Major events are often left unreported in mainstream media or key details are shadowed by the headlines. That’s why Europe Talks Back was created, the podcast restoring balance in reporting. If you’re someone who likes to stay up to date on all current events in order to stay in-the-know, listen to Europe Talks Back as we discuss what’s really going on across Europe, not just with experts, but also with people like you, all citizens of Europe. We give regular people a voice to share what they actually care about, what they’re fighting for, and what’s going on in Europe as a whole. Don’t miss the real conversation about Europe on Europe Talks Back. Starting on July 28, listen to a new episode every Thursday as a light is casted on the lesser-known, but equally influential events going on around Europe.

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