Episode 14 : As France votes, New Caledonia’s struggles expose colonial tensions

Since May, pro-independence protests have rocked France’s overseas territory of New Caledonia. With a storied history of resistance and activism, the indigenous Kanak people are fighting to have their voices heard by politicians thousands of kilometres away in mainland France.

Last weekend, in the leadup to the French snap elections, the government imposed a ban on gatherings and extended the curfew that the islands have been under since the beginning of the unrest.

But what’s been happening in New Caledonia in the past months?

And what does this situation reveal about the French government’s ability and willingness to address its colonial history?

Europe, Day by Day is Europod‘s first daily podcast, in co-production with Sphera Network.

The executive producer of Europe, Day by Day is Alexander Damiano Ricci.

The host of today’s episode is Seden Anlar.

The researcher of this episode is Juli Simond.

This episode was produced and edited by Seden Anlar.

Original soundtrack by Thomas Kusberg.

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