Ep. 11 – The Cost of Living Crisis in Ireland – Europe Talks Back

The War on Ukraine has provoked rising inflation across Europe. For many people, this implied: rising costs to heat homes, buy food, pay for services.  
It’s what economists and journalists define “a Cost of living crisis”. These days, nowhere across Europe, the cost of living crisis appears to be as strong as in Ireland. That’s why, recently, the current Irish government, led by a coalition of centre, centre-right and green parties committed 11 billion Euros to fight the cost of living emergency in the country. But will it be enough to help Irish citizens go through winter? On this episode of Europe Talks Back, host Alexander Damiano Ricci discusses the roots and causes cost of today's living crisis in Ireland with Eddie Conlon from the Cost of Living Coalition and with Robert Sweeney, senior policy analyst at TASC - Think Tank for Action on Social Change.

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