Ep. 19 — Post-Brexit UK: no country for Black Europeans?— Europe Talks Back

Brexit has made the headlines of the European and British press for years. However, today, the relationship between the UK and the EU is less of a central topic in public debates. Nevertheless, many European citizens’ lives have been heavily affected by Brexit. This is mostly due to the lengthy and intricate process for obtaining the UK settlement status. In particular, anecdotal evidence appears to highlight that European citizens of colour are suffering the most from the consequences of Brexit. In October this year, in the UK, a non-profit organisation under the name of “Black Europeans” was established. Black Europeans’ mission is to challenge systemic racism in the post-Brexit migration policies. And to create a safe environment by breaking down barriers for black Europeans to thrive. On this podcast, host Alexander Damiano Ricci talks to Dahaba Ali Hussen and Angelo Boccato - respectively Dutch and Italian freelance journalists in the United Kingdom -, to dissect the impact of Brexit of European citizens of colour. 

You can follow Angelo Boccato on Twitter @Ang_Bok.

Likewise, you can follow Dahaba Ali Hussen on Twitter @Dahabaalihussen.   

The website of Black Europeans: https://black-europeans.webnode.co.uk/.

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