16 September 2021

Ep. 2 – The Fall of the Berlin Wall and Angie at the sauna – My question to Angela Merkel

After having delved into her origins in the previous episode, Emilia moves on to investigate what Angela was up to in her late 20s and her early 30s. We find out how Miss Angela Kasner became Mrs Angela Merkel and how she cleverly managed to avoid working for the Stasi. We discover where she was when the Berlin Wall was being torn down and what she did after such an event so pivotal in Germany’s history. The guests featured in this episode are: Joyce Mushaben, political scientist, former Professor at Georgetown University and author of “Becoming Madam Chancellor: Angela Merkel and the Berlin Republic”.Michael Schindhelm, filmmaker, curator and former colleague of Angela Merkel at a laboratory in East Germany.Rainer Eppelmann, politician, former DDR Minister and CDU member.

Author: Europod

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