Ep. 3 — Behind the death of a journalist: the Karaiwaz case — #108 The fall of press freedom in Greece

Of all the things that prevent a journalist from doing his job, there is only one invincible obstacle. Murder. In Greece, a journalist who covered crime news, George Karaiwaz, was killed. A delayed government response followed the murder, and even today, the process of solving the murder seems slow to non-existing. For the third episode, we talked among others to the widow of the murdered journalist, experienced crime reporters, and Pavol Szalai from RSF to understand the context in which the Karaiwaz was killed. 

Show notes: 

For this episode, our guests are Statha Alexandropoulou-Karaivaz, widow of the murdered journalist; Panos Sobolos, one of the most experienced crime reporters in Greece; Babis Polychroniadis, a journalist who is following the Greek Mafia trial in court; MEP Costas Arvanitis; Pavol Szalai, Head of European Union & Balkans Desk at Reporters Without Border; and Maria Antoniadou, president of the Journalists' Union of Athens (ESIEA).

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