Ep. 7 – “Only Yes Means Yes” Law Approved in Spain – Europe Talks Back

Trigger warning: Rape

Sex without consent is rape. Yet, according to the NGO, Amnesty International, in Europe, only 13 countries, feature laws, that define rape, in terms of the absence of consent. The latest country adopting such as a definition of rape is Spain, where, on the 25th of August 2022, the national Congress approved the so-called  “Only yes Means Yes Law”. The journey for the approval of this law, began six years ago, after a Spanish court, ruled, that five young men, raping an 18 years old girl, in the city of Pamplona, was only an instance, of sexual abuse. That case - also known as “La Manada case” or, internationally, as "Wolfpack case," literally shocked Spain. On this episode of Europe Talks Back, host Alexander Damiano Ricci discusses this law with Maria Dios, junior editor of Europe Talks Back, who is from Spain and has followed the La Manada case from its beginning.

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