Ep. 9 – The Italian elections and the rise of Giorgia Meloni – Europe Talks Back

After a hectic electoral campaign running over the Summer, this weekend, Italian citizens are called to the ballot boxes to elect a new Parliament. Pundits see the far-right party, Brothers of Italy, leading the contest. And a new leadership is rising: the one of Giorgia Meloni. Should Brothers of Italy obtain most of the votes, it is likely that Giorgia Meloni will try to form a coalition government. Meloni could be the first woman leading an Executive in Italy. However, the International press defined a potential victory of Giorgia Meloni, as a resurgence of modern-fascism in Italy. Meanwhile, only half of the electorate appears to have decided who to vote for. On this episode of Europe Talks Back, host Alexander Damiano Ricci discusses the outlook of the Italian elections with Andrea Fioravanti, the editor-in-chief of Linkiesta.

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