Episode 17 : The Dutch far-right takes its first steps into office

This week, the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander swore in Dick Schoof as PM along with his newly formed cabinet while civilians protested outside the palace walls, concerned that the new government poses a threat to Dutch democracy and the rule of law.

But today, left-wing Dutch politician Timmermans is filing a motion of no confidence against two ministers of this newly formed cabinet which was sworn in only two days ago.

This is a prompt reaction to the accession of far-right politicians to ministerial roles for the first time in Dutch history.

So as the Netherlands become another case of the far-right accessing power we ask: what is on its agenda now that it is in coalition with the moderate right? And how is it going to navigate the reality and responsibility of actually governing?

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The executive producer of Europe, Day by Day is Alexander Damiano Ricci.

The host of Europe, Day by Day is Emma Belmonte.

The scriptwriter of this episode is Emma Belmonte

This episode was produced and edited by Seden Anlar.

Original soundtrack by Thomas Kusberg.

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