Episode 19 : How the French left beat the far-right

As pundits and polls predicted the far-right National Rally would become the first party in the French Assembly, the second round of the legislative elections yielded shocking results.

It was the newly-formed left alliance, the New Popular Front which, in the end, arrived ahead, securing 182 seats thanks to significant pushback votes. Macron’s Ensemble alliance gathered 168 seats and the National Rally arrived in third place with 143 seats.

How can we explain this surprising turn of events? And what does it mean for the future of French politics?

Europe, Day by Day is Europod’s first daily podcast, in co-production with Sphera Network.

The executive producer of Europe, Day by Day is Alexander Damiano Ricci.

The host of Europe, Day by Day is Emma Belmonte.

The scriptwriter of this episode is Emma Belmonte

This episode was produced and edited by Seden Anlar.

Original soundtrack by Thomas Kusberg.

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