Episode 21 : Croatian women fight to protect their right to abortion

Legally speaking, Croatian women have the right to get an abortion. But why do so many cross the border to Slovenia to find the medical care they require?

Yesterday, the Association Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb called on the government to intervene to protect women’s right to abortion, which in practice is scarcely respected in the predominantly Catholic country.

Today, we ask: what are pro-choice organizations’ demands in Croatia? And as we retrace the history of abortion rights in this Balkan country, we wonder why Croatian women are now struggling to terminate their pregnancies.

Europe, Day by Day is Europod’s first daily podcast, in co-production with Sphera Network

The executive producer of Europe, Day by Day is Alexander Damiano Ricci.

The host of Europe, Day by Day is Emma Belmonte.

The scriptwriter of this episode is Emma Belmonte

This episode was produced and edited by Seden Anlar.

Original soundtrack by Thomas Kusberg.

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