S2 Ep. 1 — Disability in Times of War — Europe Talks Back

Once the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, people with disabilities suffered tremendously. And amid the panic and chaos that followed the invasion, many were unable to evacuate from their homes. This left people trapped in the crossfire without access to bomb shelters. In the first episode of the second season of Europe Talks Back, host Juli Simond tells the story of Tetyana Herasymova, who is one of the approximately 2.7 million Ukrainians with disabilities. Tanya is one of those who managed to flee. Ever since, she’s been helping fellow Ukrainians with disabilities stuck near the frontlines of the war in Ukraine. As the director of the Ukrainian NGO, Fight for Right, Tanya is committed to championing the needs and rights of disabled individuals, particularly during times of conflict. Drawing from her own experiences as a person with a disability navigating the challenges of war, Tetyana's dedication to promoting inclusivity and equality is unwavering and deeply impactful.

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