Europe Talks Back - Cover Second Season
14 September 2023

S2 Ep. 13 — Post-separation abuse in the UK: The fight for freedom — Europe Talks Back

In this episode of Europe Talks Back, Juli Simond tells the story of Charlotte, a resilient mother who battles through the post-separation abuse she endured for over a decade in the UK. Trapped in an abusive relationship, she fought for her newborn child’s safety with every ounce of strength she had. But just as she thought she had escaped her abuser’s clutches, she stumbled upon a cruel truth. The system that was supposed to protect her failed to recognize her harrowing journey. Little did she know, the unforgiving labyrinth of the UK’s legal system held yet another unexpected twist, leaving her and her child’s future hanging in the balance. Reporting on the ground by Sophie Smith.

Author: Europod

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