4 November 2022

Ep. 2 —  What does it take to defend educational freedom? With László Miklósi, Association of History Teachers — Freedom in Hungary

The level of freedom of a society can be measured quite solidly by the attitude of institutions towards education. And, more specifically, towards the teaching of history. “History is written by victors”, or “history is a fable agreed upon”: these are just a couple of quotes – allegedly from Winston Churchil and Napoleon -, which show how sensitive this topic is. Indeed, political regimes want, from time to time, rewrite history. László Miklósi has been teaching history to primary school pupils in Hungary for nearly forty years. He started his career in 1985. At that time, politics dictated what should be said about certain historical events. Teachers and education were not free at all. Students would learn something about history, only if teachers dared to do their job properly. In this interview, we tell the story of László Miklósi, and ask him about what it took to defend education freedom back in the days, as well as what it means today.

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