18 November 2022

Ep. 3 —  Freeing a generation and Hungary from apathy. With Lili Mihalics (Students for Teachers) — Freedom in Hungary

What do today’s younger generations living in Hungary think about freedom? How much do they value it, how much are they willing to do for it, and what does it mean to them? Lili Mihalics is eighteen years old and has just started her last year of secondary school at the prestigious Szent István Gymnasium in Budapest. This spring, together with several fellow students, she established “Students for Teachers”, a student organisation calling for a solution to the teacher shortage the country is experiencing right now, a teachable and learnable curriculum and better school environments and more attention to education. Students for Teachers organised their first demonstration in March 2022, with great success. In this interview, Lili Mihalics shares her views on matters related to freedom and solidarity in Hungary, today.

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